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MEFC COVID Ministry Update

Dear Church Family:

On November 10, 2020, Governor Kim Reynolds issued a new proclamation regarding gatherings of people in groups of 25 or more due to Covid-19. This proclamation reemphasizes existing requirements and contains some new requirements for gatherings from November 11, 2020 through November 30, 2020. The requirements in the Governor’s proclamation do not prohibit MEFC from meeting for worship, Sunday School or any other ministry, but it does establish requirements that need to be met for such gatherings. MEFC is already adhering to the vast majority of the requirements contained in the proclamation, however, the most debated new requirement is undoubtedly the wearing of masks.

The MEFC Board feels it important and prudent for MEFC to adhere to the new mask requirement stated in the proclamation. We as individuals, might not be fans of the mask mandate contained in the proclamation, however, the board feels we cannot view this situation from our own individual perspective. We believe that as a church, and as followers of Jesus Christ, we must view this situation from the perspective of a servant. We see in Scripture where Jesus modeled servanthood (Matthew 20:28; Mark 10:45; John 13:1-17).

We encourage everyone to look at this situation not from the perspective of “me”, but rather, from the perspective of “we”. Being asked to wear a mask is not about “me”:

  •’s about trying to protect those around me, especially those who might be vulnerable to the virus.

  •’s about trying to keep our hospitals from being overrun with patients.

  •’s about trying to help relieve the stress on our healthcare workers, many of whom are our dear friends.

Sacrifice is part of being a servant to others. The wearing of masks is no doubt a sacrifice, but we believe it is a sacrifice worth giving.

We understand the perspective of those who do not agree with this decision, and we respect it. It is not our intent to cause anyone to choose not to participate in a ministry because of this decision.

From now through at least November 30, 2020, MEFC will include the following requirement for all ministries:

  • Everyone in the building 2 years or older is expected to wear a mask. We understand this will be difficult for some young children. We only ask that you do your best to adhere to the age requirement.

We encourage you to join us in praying:

  • For those affected by Covid and the many issues that have arisen as a result of this virus.

  • For our elected officials who are tasked with such decisions.

  • For the health and welfare of our healthcare workers (many of whom are MEFC members).

  • That God would be glorified in this situation.

In Christ,

MEFC Leadership Team

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