New to MEFC

What Can I Expect When I Visit MEFC?

From the moment you step through one of our entrances, you’ll be met by caring people extending a warm welcome!  You’ll notice that most of us are wearing nametags on Sunday mornings. At each entrance you’ll have a chance to get your own nametag, which is a great way to help us all get acquainted with one another!

You’ll notice that some folks are wearing jeans and others are more dressed up, so please dress according to however you feel most comfortable!

If you have young children, you are more than welcome to use our nursery, where infants and toddlers receive loving care in a clean and secure environment. A pager system is provided, but you are also welcome to have children with you in the service if you prefer.

Our Worship Services begin at 10:30. The service usually lasts between 60 and 75 minutes, and our emphasis is on both Worship and the Word.

Our style of worship tends to be more contemporary, although we do include some traditional hymns. If you have kids, they will probably enjoy the music, which is generally led by 4-6 singers and a 4-6 piece band which includes drums, guitars and keyboard. We generally stand during the songs, and we encourage wholehearted participation and freedom of expression, in joy or reverence before the God who is worthy of our passionate praise!

At each service you will hear a message directly from the Bible that is clear and relevant to your daily life. We believe that the Bible is God’s Word, so we make every effort to understand its timeless message and apply it in practical ways. Some of the main points and Bible verses are highlighted on the screen during the message to help you follow along. All are encouraged to bring their own Bibles, but we have plenty of extras, and you’ll also be comfortable if you’d rather just listen.

An offering is received during each worship service, as the church family gives freely to the Lord, out of love and gratitude for His grace in their lives. Contributions are invested carefully to support the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, locally and globally. As our guest, please do not feel obligated to participate in the offering.  We only ask our guests to fill out the response card so we might have a record of your attendance.

Sunday School Classes for children and adults meet at 9:30 AM. All ages are encouraged to attend Sunday School Classes in order to get to know others better and grow together in God’s Word. More information is available in each Sunday’s program, which you will receive when you enter the building.

There is so much more we could tell you, but we hope this helps you get a feel for what to expect when you visit MEFC. Sunday morning is the highlight of our week, and we look forward to sharing it with you! We hope to meet you soon!